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Getting Results

After the imaging procedure has been completed, we do not give the results directly to the patient. Prepare him or her to wait to hear results from your office. The referring physician/healthcare provider should be the first point of contact if the patient has questions about their imaging results.

Depending upon your preference, we can either automatically fax reports upon approval, or mail reports to you. Please tell us how you would like to receive your reports. You  can usually expect to receive results within 24 business hours.

If you have questions for the radiologist, please call our Administration Office at 253-841-4353. Leave the patient's name, procedure location (where the exam was performed), and the requesting provider's return phone and/or beeper number. The radiologist will respond to the call as soon as the films have been reviewed.

If you would like to request a copy of a report, please call 253-841-4353. If you have any concerns regarding report timeliness or report issues, you may contact our Transcription and Secretarial Manager at 253-841-4353.

McKesson PACs, is available to providers for free. This technology allows you to retrieve your patient's digital images and corresponding reports online.  Callemail today.

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